QUARTIER 5 is in the heart of Saxon Switzerland.

Centrally located, the hotel is situated in the idyllic village centre of Gohrisch, very close to Königstein and Bad Schandau. The special climatic conditions due to the location above the Elbe valley ensure a pleasant stay. Enjoy the tranquillity, the many panoramic views and the forest surroundings far from the hustle and bustle of the famous resorts of Bad Schandau and Rathen. If you are a nature lover, go on a journey of discovery to the striking table mountains Lilienstein, Pfaffenstein, Papststein or Gohrisch in the immediate vicinity. Culture lovers will be delighted by the nearby cultural cities of Pirna and Dresden.

  • Distance to Pirna: 17 km
  • Distance to Dresden: 35 km
  • Connection to the main road: B172 – 3 km
  • Connection to the highway: A17 – 20 km
  • Connection to public transport: 0 km
  • Connection to train: Königstein or Bad Schandau each 3 km

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